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Property Management Terms & Conditions

MCM Realty, LLC is locally owned and operated by a licensed resident broker and property manager who acts as an intermediary between owners and tenants. MCM Realty, LLC is a company that you or your tenants can easily reach and communicate with. Owners are insulated from the daily problems associated with property management. I will communicate with you through phone calls, e-mails, postcards, letters and monthly, detailed statements and invoices. Working cooperatively, your income will be maximized and your expenses will be minimized. I will do my best to keep your property occupied and well-maintained. You will receive the very best in professional property management services at competitive rates and will receive individual attention and care.

If you are not under a property management contract with another property management firm, you may initiate my services immediately! I will need a copy of your landlord/tenant insurance policy for my records. If you are under contract with another firm, you will need to terminate the services according to your agreement with that firm. I will be happy to pick up keys, security deposits, and any other necessary documents to insure a smooth transition. I will also inform your current tenants of the change in management and the manner in which they are to pay their rent.

You, as the owner, will be required to agree to pay MCM Realty, LLC compensation for the services provided and itemized as follows:

  1. A privately negotiated and agreed upon percentage of gross monthly rents collected.
  2. Advertising costs of local media providers, i.e. newspaper, television, or radio as may be mutually agreed upon between owner and Agent.
  3. Prospective tenants and all applicants will be required to pay an application and tenant screening fee. These fees shall be retained by MCM Realty, LLC.
  4. Eviction fees and NSF fees will be charged to tenants and shall be retained by MCM Realty, LLC.

Your property will be marketed at no cost to you in the following ways:

  1. A “For Rent” or “For Sale” (if applicable) sign will be posted on the property.
  2. Pictures of your property will be posted on the military A.H.R.N. Web-site.
  3. Rent lists will be provided to local real estate sales offices and base housing.
  4. Posting current rent lists and photographs of available properties.

Many prospective tenants and applicants, have pets. I prefer to market your property as being negotiable for accepting pets. By doing so, the prospective tenant may be more apt to inform me about the pet(s). Pets will be subject to approval and will require an additional deposit. If damages exceed the pet deposit, I will withhold funds from the pet, security and cleaning deposits to correct the problem. You are in no way required to accept a pet or pets. That decision is completely up to you, and I will do my best to meet your requests.

I want good tenants as much as you do as it makes my job that much more pleasant. It is my goal to obtain qualified tenants. A conscientious review of each applicants’ history will assure you of responsible tenants and timely rental payments. I am linked to a database which enables me to access history of applicants within minutes, twenty-four hours a day. Verifying employment will assure owners that the tenant has the means to pay the rent. Talking with current and past landlords will assure you that the tenant will maintain the property properly. MCM Realty, LLC engages in all aspects fair housing laws, and does not discriminate against any applicant or tenant based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap or family status.

My Residential Lease/Rental Agreement is approved by the State of Nevada and contains additional clauses and required disclosures for the protection of each owner. At the request of most owners, I prefer securing a one year lease, and a minimum of six months is requested. At the beginning of the lease, I will complete a thorough written walk-through survey. I will obtain photographs of the property to document the condition. I will also go over the lease thoroughly with each tenant before signing. Extra time spent explaining the terms of the lease and proper documentation of condition reduces any misunderstanding. Your tenant also is given the opportunity of the personal contact with the property manager and a positive landlord/tenant relationship can be established.

At least half of the security deposit must be paid as a “holding fee” before a property will be taken off the market. All deposits are based on the monthly rent, with cleaning or pet deposits being assessed to the tenant. All deposits must be refundable pursuant to NRS statutes, which encourages tenants to leave the property in good condition. Additional fees for cleaning or permitting pets may be assessed to tenants and such fees may be non-refundable. Complete instructions to the tenant are included in the lease as well as the proper procedure for receiving their full security deposit refund. All security deposits are retained in a Security Deposit Trust Account and are subject to itemized costs and return pursuant to Nevada Tenant Landlord laws.

Proper notice and completion of the lease term is a must to receive the security deposit refund. Cleaning, including appliances, floors, walls, yard, and professional carpet cleaning are required as a minimum to prevent any deduction from deposits. MCM Realty will complete and compare conditions at move-out to the move-in inspection to determine all costs necessary to rectify any damages to the property. A complete security deposit reconciliation report with all itemized deductions will be completed and forwarded to the tenant within 30 days of their move-out pursuant to NRS. In the event a tenant breaks a lease or moves and owes the Owner any funds above and beyond the deposits and fees, the account may be turned over for collection. A processing fee may be charged and MCM Realty may retain a percentage of any recovered sums.

Rents are due on the 1st day of each and every month. In some instances, social security, state and pension checks are not received by the first. Tenants are allowed to pay rent before 12:00 noon on the 6th day of the month without any late fee being imposed. Eviction proceedings begin on the7th day of each month unless the tenant has made special arrangements for paying late. After the eviction process has begun, rents must be paid with cash or certified funds. No rent is accepted unless late fees are paid or special arrangements have be made. Late fees are considered as rent are charged the same fees pursuant to the management contract.

The most challenging job of any property manager is managing the residents. A good tenant is the key element to any successful rental property investment. Keeping tenants happy is critical to insure their longevity. Quick, knowledgeable responses to questions and maintenance requests will satisfy a resident more than anything else.

No improvement, alteration or repair work costing more than $250.00 shall be made without the prior authorization of Owner, except in the event of an emergency situation that may require immediate repairs or alterations, or when maintenance or repairs are necessary to prevent the delay of occupancy by a new tenant or Owner.

In the event of a vacancy, Agent shall take reasonable precautions to safeguard the property and its contents, however, it is agreed that Agent shall not be held liable for the cost of replacement of Owner’s personal property in the case of theft or vandalism. In addition, in the event of a vacancy, Agent shall not make or cause to be made any emergency or normal expenditure for the repair, maintenance, or upkeep of the Property which will be in excess of the Security Deposit on hand plus the balance in Owner’s account unless and until the additional funds needed to complete the work are received by Agent from Owner.

I will provide a clear audit trail of all funds pertaining to each property. All security deposits and rent receipts are held in a Trust account with an approved financial institution pursuant to Nevada statute. Rent receipts and an operating statement will be sent to each owner no later than the 15th of each and every month. My services includes paying expenses for your maintenance or repair bills as well as any utility bills. Original invoices will be attached to the monthly statement. Deposits to local banking institutions are offered at no charge to insure prompt payments of rent receipts. A statement or payment of funds may be delayed due to a late rent payment. My statements are easy to read and understand. You will receive a year end report as well as a 1099 at year end, which simplifies tax preparation.