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Property Evaluation

Agent shall make a minimum of an annual interior evaluation of the Property upon renewal of the lease agreement, a vacating of the premises, or upon receipt of a written complaint or violation letter from a neighbor or a homeowner association. Agent shall perform a minimum of a bi-weekly drive-by exterior evaluation of the property. Agent may conduct an interior evaluation based upon exterior observation, and by providing proper notification to the tenant. An evaluation shall not be interpreted as an “Inspection” as defined in NRS 645D. An evaluation is designed to make the owner aware of obvious physical aspects of the property, which are generally referred to as “cosmetic” in nature. Agent will not be responsible for an evaluation of any inaccessible or crawl spaces areas of the property. Should Agent become aware of what may be a structural or systems problem, the Owner will be notified in writing. A licensed professional will be contacted at owners request and expense to determine the extent of such a problem.

At the time of each move-in and move-out, there will be a thorough written property condition report for the premises. The signature of the tenant will be required and documentation may include interior and exterior photographs of the property.

As a property owner and investor, you are entitled to receive the expertise of a licensed and conscientious property manager. I have been offering owners of properties these services for over fifteen years and recently decided it was time to open my own real estate office specializing in professional property management. I am delighted to have made this decision, and as a result I am prepared to offer you the following quality property management services:

  • Polite, professional, and personalized services for all owners and tenants. By working together, you will be insured of these services as well as prompt and courteous answers to any questions you may have.
  • Proper tenant references including income verification, verified residential history, and tenant screening through a nationwide service.
  • Efficient collection of rents, late fees, and other costs from tenants.
  • Reasonable fees for maintenance.
  • Monthly statements with itemized costs for management fees, repairs, and utilities. You will also receive an accurate 1099 for tax preparation at year end.
  • Prompt deposits of your rent proceeds to your local financial institution (i.e. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Financial Horizons Credit Union). All funds and statements are normally disbursed to owners no later than the 15th of the month.
  • Set-up fees for new accounts are negotiable.
  • A Property Condition and Inventory is prepared for each move-in. A detailed, written property report is completed at each tenant move-in. Photographs of interior and exterior property conditions may be taken and utilized to establish the condition in the event Court action is deemed necessary.
  • Scheduled drive-by evaluations as well as interior evaluations to insure maintenance is handled in a timely manner.
  • Accountability and reliability of all charges to your account. Includes written bids from outside contractors.
  • Emergency services provided to your tenants 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, each and every day of the year.

I will continue to attend all required training seminars and continued education units to maintain a current Broker License and Property Management Permit in the State of Nevada. This insures that all practices and forms used are in compliance with current legislation and regulatory requirements. In addition, I will be kept abreast of any changes in legislation or requirements relating to proper management of your investment.

It is my pledge to you that your property will be maintained in your best interests and that all prospective tenants will be properly screened in a prompt and timely fashion and in accordance with all applicable Fair Housing laws in effect, or which may become in effect in the future. I look forward to a pleasant relationship with you as well as your tenants.


Sandra McManus