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Property Management

Now is the best time for you to consider the advantages of a full-service, locally owned and operated real estate firm. MCM Realty, LLC is prepared to offer you the best possible services at the most reasonable rates. I have been a local resident of Churchill County for over fifteen years. During that time, I have been licensed as a realtor and property manager specializing in the field of property management. I recently decided that it was time to obtain my NV Broker’s license and open my own firm. I am also a member of the multiple listing service, which allows exposure of your property to all MLS realtor members.

Management fees for owners are negotiable, and are based upon the number of units and location. Please feel free to contact me at MCM Realty, LLC. I will be more than happy to discuss and negotiate fees, and will tailor a property management contract to meet your individual needs.

MCM Realty, LLC pledges to provide each owner with the following:

  • Polite, professional, and personalized services. Working together as a team insures that each owner receives prompt and courteous answers to questions or concerns.
  • Prompt, efficient tenant screening and approval. No loss of qualified applicants due to processing delays. I have access to 24 hour tenant screening reports and will schedule convenient weekend or evening appointments for showings and move-ins with tenants.
  • Emergency services to your tenants 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • A walk-through inspection and report of condition of your property prior to a tenant move-in and upon tenant move-out. This will include photographing or videoing the interior and exterior as well as a thorough written document to support the condition and inventory of your property. If necessary, new videos or photographs will be taken at the time tenancy is terminated to support any damages or cleaning charges that are to be deducted from the tenant deposit.
  • Accurate, computerized monthly and year end reports.
  • Accountability and reliability for all charges to your owner accounts, which will include obtaining written bids from competitive, outside contractors for all major repairs. You, the owner, will be provided with these bids so that you may contact the individual contractor yourself if you so choose.
  • Automatic scheduling and calendaring of an interior walk-through of the property after the first 3 months of tenancy. The unit will then be re-scheduled for another walk-through survey at the end of the initial lease and prior to renewal of any subsequent lease period. Walk-through surveys will then be conducted on an annual basis, however, may be conducted at any time as may be deemed necessary and upon delivery of proper notice to tenant.
  • Regular drive by exterior inspections of your property.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future!